About Us

WOW Photo Booth is a fantastic idea for corporate occasions where it can be used to help companies interact with their customers, advertise their companies, services and products and new and innovative technology means that WOW Photo Booth software can be changed and designed to suit every company’s requirements.

There are lots of ways that WOW Photo Booth rental can be used within the corporate environment and companies and businesses are starting to realise the potential of such a simple idea.  WOW Photo Booth has been around for years and the only difference now is the advancement in technology and the software capabilities of the new and innovative machines now available.

WOW Photo Booth is a great way to attract customers to an exhibition stand, which gives companies the edge over their competitors from the beginning. Exhibitions are a massive opportunity to advertise your products and services and attracting as many customers as possible is vital. WOW Photo Booth rental will do this for you, with many customers wanting to use the photo booth to advertise their attendance at such an exhibition. WOW Photo Booth software can be designed to reflect your personal company, its logo’s, contact details and promotions including new product launches. With WoW Photo Booth there is no limit to the amount of photographs that can be printed and when customers advertise their pictures on social networking sites, your company receives immediate exposure and marketing opportunities via WOW Photo Booths .